Sober and Proud

Your eyes glimmer with ecstasy and hope.

Your lips taste rejuvenated and fresh.

Your touch shakes with anxiety and wonder.

Your presence is strong and forthcoming.

Your love is original and honest.

Your smile is genuine and content.

Your words are few but deep.

Your feet are shaky but planted.

Your goals are vague but focused.

Your heart is open and vulnerable.

Your soul is back and thriving.

Your future is bright and uncluttered.

You are sober and beautiful.

You are loved and respected.

You are never alone or hopeless.

You are pride and joy.

You are my happiness and fulfillment.

You are changing and supported.

You are strong and able.

You are needed but more wanted.

You are not flawless but perfect.

You are amazing and inspiring.

You are forever loved and appreciated.

You are sober and proud.

I am sober and fulfilled.

We are together and new.

We have been found and liberated.

We are strong and unbreakable.

We are who we always dreamed of becoming, we are seamless.

We are dreams come true and fairy tales happily ever after.

We are stuck like glue, good thing I truly love you.


About sdc2007

I have always loved to write, not everything is fiction, its always easier to just start from the beginning, things have not always been as they seem, with lots of time, energy and awareness I have made drastic changes to my life. I may be young but I have been threw a few things and I am always willing to help others. I started this blog after months of deliberation in my own mind, as a step to make myself more vulnerable which is a battle I constantly struggle with. Questions comments and love are always welcome but please hold off on the negativity, I have more than enough of that for myself, thanks though. Thanks for ready, I hope you enjoy and always look for new stuff! Much love and God bless
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